Residual Sludge Dewatering Is Now Avaiable

Blue Septic Tank Service Inc will ensure that your Small Package Waste Water Treatment Plant is regularly maintained with sludge dewatering services. We will run your waste through our top of the line dewatering press to quickly and thoroughly remove the water. This allows us to safely and efficiently dispose of the waste at the local landfill.

Our Service Areas: Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, Charlotte, Pinellas, Hardee, Desoto Counties
Sludge Dewatering Equipment — Septic Tank Services in Brandenton, FL

How Does Sludge Dewatering Work?

Having your waste treatment plant regularly treated helps you save on overall repair and energy costs. Our decanter centrifuge is designed to quickly and thoroughly separate insoluble solid waste from the liquid. From the centrifuge, the waste travels to the feed chamber where it is accelerated up to a speed where the remaining solid is separated from the water, and solids build up against the wall opposite end of the liquid discharge. This process ends up leaving you with clean and environmentally safe water and thoroughly separated waste for us to dispose of.

Get Safe and Clean Water

For all of your Small Package Waste Water Treatment Plant maintenance services trust the reliable and professional technicians at Blue Septic Tank Service Inc to provide you with clean and safe water. Since 1987, we have been offering clean and safe environmental waste management services to Manatee and surrounding counties. As a local family-owned and operated company we take pride in striving for a complete customer satisfaction experience. When you call to ask about our Sludge Dewatering services you will speak with a live person, 24/7.
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